Community Input Survey

Why Get Involved?
The Project Team is very interested in knowing how the local community uses the Bridge Street Bridge, any current traffic concerns and what improvements the public would like to see in the future. Community Outreach during the planning stages is a vital part of the LCD process and we encourage the community to participate and provide input.

Identifying existing and potential stakeholders is a critical step in the LCD process. A community input survey will be mailed out and available on the web site. The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and can be completed in hard copy or online.

The survey an information gathering tool and the input shared is crucial to the project. Please feel free to complete the online survey now!

If you don’t wish to complete the survey, but want to be informed of the project and upcoming meetings, please complete the Contact Form.

If you have general comments or questions or comments, you are welcomed to complete the Comment Form.

In September 2016, a summary of the survey findings, will be posted - please click here. #Community Survey Summary